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me:mo #episode 20

  • The Vincenzo Capirola lute manuscript
  • Methods of preserving music for eternity
  • The first piano sign and ornament indications in music history
  • What Renaissance men thought of music from the 70s
  • About illuminated manuscripts


YouTube chanel

Vincenzo Capirola - Ricercar XI alla Spagnola

performed by David Tayler

Giorgione & Marco dall'Aquila. A Lute Fantasia in the Countryside

performed by Lukas Henning

Thomas Dunford plays Dowland

Mezzo recital in Wigmore Hall

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John Dowland - A Fancy P 5

performed by Jonas Nordberg

YouTube chanel

John Dowland - Semper Dowland, semper dolens

performed by Lukas Henning

YouTube chanel

John Dowland - A Fancy P5

performed by Orí Harmelin

YouTube chanel

Music by John Dowland

performed by Jeffrey Thompson & Bor Zuljan

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John Dowland - Can she excuse

performed by Bor Zuljan

Josquin des Prés - Mille Regretz

Performing and lute arrangement: Orí Harmelin

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Johannes Martini - Fortuna d'un gran tempo

performed by Le Miroir de Musique & Baptiste Romain

Francesco da Milano

performed by Paul O'Dette

spotify link

Francesco da Milano - Fantasia No. 34, La Compagna

performed by Elisa Lamarca

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Cipriano de Rore - Ancor che col partire

Intabulation, Diminution, and performance by Orí Harmelin

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