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J. S. Bach - Ciaconna BWV 1004

performed by Petra Poláčková

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La Mantovana (Arr. Baviera)

performed by Giovanna Baviera & Orí Harmelin

H. I. F. Biber - Passacaglia

performed by Xavier Díaz-Latorre

Heinrich Ignaz Biber - Passacaglia

performed by Elicia Silverstein

Heinrich Ignaz Biber - Rosenkranz Sonate Nº 10, Crucifixion

performed by MUSIca ALcheMIca (Lina Tur Bonet, Enrike Solinís, Patxi Montero, Daniel Oyarzábal)

me:mo #episode 20

  • The Vincenzo Capirola lute manuscript
  • Methods of preserving music for eternity
  • The first piano sign and ornament indications in music history
  • What Renaissance men thought of music from the 70s
  • About illuminated manuscripts


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Vincenzo Capirola - Ricercar XI alla Spagnola

performed by David Tayler

Bellerofonte Castaldi - Arpeggiata a mio modo

performed by Francesca Benetti

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Francesco Corbetta - Caprice de Chaconne

performed by Stefan Koim