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Strings Editions is a non-profit guitar sheet music library. Our catalog includes pieces written for plucked string instruments from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical-Romantic periods, as well as transcriptions of works by Domenico Scarlatti and J.S. Bach that were not composed for lute or guitar.

The goal of Strings Editions is threefold. The first is to offer guitar students and teachers a wide and careful selection of works composed during the 16th, 17th and part of the 18th centuries.

The second arises from my own experience in studying this repertoire with editions of music that did not always contain perfectly resolved fingering. This circumstance forced me to make numerous additions and erasures to the point where the score resembled a battlefield rather than a support on which the musical signs could be clearly and comfortably read. With the aid of music notation software and using the original sources available on the Internet (especially the tablatures of the works for lute, vihuela, and baroque guitar), I transcribed the works and perfected the fingering solutions I had developed in recent years. At first, I concentrated my efforts on helping myself, but later I thought that the result could serve other guitarists as well, especially all those who don't want to struggle with poorly solved fingerings that are barely indicated or directly non-existent.

The third and final goal is driven by a willingness to share knowledge selfless. For this reason, all editions of the Strings Editions catalog include the Creative Commons license and can be downloaded for free.

On the other hand, our site includes two additional sections: the first, Sources, is a directory for accessing manuscripts and first editions of books of compositions for lute, vihuela and baroque guitar, which can be consulted online. The second section, Audiovisuals, compiles the videos and audios that best illustrate the spirit of our catalog.

Finally, a few words about the logo and the name of this publishing brand. Since sound is a physical fact, and especially music played with stringed instruments, it occurred to me that Strings Editions might contain a reference to String Theory, especially in the imago typeface, for whose design I was inspired by a graphic belonging to a scientific article by Ignatios Antoniadis. Finally, I quote a short description of String Theory, which comes from the website astrogeekzco.com:

String theory states that everything in our Universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings. These strings are one dimensional objects and are identical to one another. Every fundamental particle that we know such as electrons, quarks, photons, gluons, etc. are made up of these strings.


Oriol Espinal

Editor and founder of Strings Editions